AI Starter Kit

The AI Starter Kit makes it easy to build AI-enhanced Chatfuel bots with Dialogflow. You can start training AI with the Starter Kit, or optionally, add our AI Accelerator to reduce your AI training time and benefit from Dialogflow even faster.

  • Install AI

    Janis installs a small collection of Dialogflow Intents for you and your bot will understand 100+ greettings immediately. Plus, you can test if your Chatfuel bot is communicating with Dialogflow. If you have not completed this step yet, install the AI.

    Install AI

  • Install Chatfuel Template

    Once Janis installs the AI for you, you'll want to install a Janis Chatfuel template. It makes it easy to connect your Chatfuel bot to Dialogflow and test your AI connection. It also includes block examples for responses and other ways to benefit from Dialogflow with Chatfuel.

    Install Chatfuel Template

If you experience problems, please refer to our troubleshooting guide first with answers to common connectivity problems. If you're still having trouble after that, use our support options.
Once you connect a Chatfuel bot to Janis, all user input will be sent to Dialogflow. You'll need to train your AI to learn how to respond and that can take some time, especially if you're not using our AI Accelerator. If you don't want to send a response back to the user until you train your AI, look for the Chatfuel block in the template named Refocus User. This is what your bot will respond with when Dialogflow doesn't have a trained response, so just remove the card in this block until you're read to go live. Another strategy is to make your Default Fallback Intent in Dialogflow only trigger once for the user. Watch this video on how to do that.

You'll want to see the Create with AI and Manage your AI sections of this document which will show you how to train AI. To reduce the amount of time you need to spend training AI by several weeks, you can add our AI Acceletor Dialogflow template. We've pre-trained the AI for you and you just need to edit responses in it.
No problem at all. Just add our Chatfuel template to your Dashboard, open the template, then you can copy the group of blocks you want from the Janis template to your existing Chatfuel bot by clicking the 3 dots that appear next to the block group name. At the very least, you'll want to copy over the Janis Essentials group of blocks (The whole group) in order for the integration to work.