Enhance Manychat With AI

Janis enables Manychat bot makers to benefit from Dialogflow, conversational AI from Google and the same AI used by leading brands including, Dominos Pizza, Ticketmaster, and KLM Airlines. Janis makes Dialogflow more accessible to marketers and small businesses by making it easy to integrate with Manychat.

You connect a Dialogflow agent and a Manychat bot to Janis in a few simple steps, then use Janis for AI management so you can monitor your AI, pause your AI, train your AI to learn from your conversations, and achieve your business automation goals.

  • Get a Dialogflow Agent

    Get an AI agent from Dialogflow. Create new agent just by giving your AI agent a name and clicking Create to save it.

    Get a Dialogflow agent

  • Connect Your Bot

    Connect your Dialogflow agent and your Manychat bot to Janis. Janis is an AI Assistant that works in Slack and helps you collaborate with your team, your customers, and partners on your AI-enhanced conversational experience.

    Connect your bot

  • Create with AI

    Learn how to create powerful AI-enhanced Manychat bots to boost revenue, reduce support costs and delight your users. The Janis team has put together a complete user guide to working with Dialogflow and Manychat.

    Create with AI